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Escalade combines dynamic performance and poised handling. Look forward to a powerful yet nimble drive every time you sit behind the wheel.

The standard 6.2L 420 hp V8 is paired with an intelligent 10-speed automatic transmission that moves through gears- in a smooth, efficient fashion. Engine technologies such as continuously variable valve timing, direct injection and Dynamic Fuel Management also help ensure this power plant’s 624 nm of torque is harnessed efficiently.

STANDARD 6.2L V8 ENGINECommand the road with the smooth delivery of 420 hp and 624 nm of torque. The new Dynamic Fuel Management system varies the number of active cylinders, from 2-cylinder operation to the maximum power of all 8 cylinders, helping to optimize performance and efficiency.

MAGNETIC RIDE CONTROLAvailable Magnetic Ride Control reads the road 1,000 times per second to make your drive responsive and smooth—that means the vehicle is reading every inch of the road at 90 kmh.

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